The Neighborhood Church


The Neighborhood Church is a simple church which meets each Sunday in the heart of NM’s community. Inseparable from the work of Neighborhood Ministries, our purpose is to be the presence of Jesus Christ sharing His life-changing hope, love and power among distressed families of urban Phoenix, and igniting their passion for God and His kingdom. We are a mission church in our community and recognize the unique role of worship in a suffering community. Coming together for a weekly, multi-cultural English/Spanish service, we worship through singing, praying together, learning, loving one another, and have communion with God. Sunday School classes are held during the sermon for kids (ages 4-16). Every Easter, we come together for a special celebration and a day of baptism for our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Come join us weekly at 1929 W. Fillmore Street (on the north end of our property), where you can learn from one of our pastors. If you’re lucky, you may catch one of our monthly potlucks!