Parenting por Vida


Parenting por Vida (formerly Mom’s Place) supports young families as they explore new ways to provide health & well-being for themselves and their children through faith, community, researched based curriculums and partnering with programs both within and outside of Neighborhood Ministries.  These parents are pursuing stability in all facets of their lives…spiritual, housing, education, relationships, parenting and employment.  The parents in our program love their children and their strongest desire is to provide a better life for their families.

We provide:

  • Faith-based support and counseling
  • Community
  • Pre-natal, birth, and breast-feeding education and support
  • Parent education
  • Relationship skill building
  • Transportation, meals, and childcare for program meetings
  • Other resources, as needed

How You Can Help

  • Mentor a young mom or dad
  • Provide a healthy meal on a program night
  • Offer to teach a class based on your expertise
  • Organize a drive in your local community for ongoing needs: diapers, wipes, new and gently used baby items
  • Provide gift cards in $20 increments from Walmart or Target
  • Provide Gas or Bus cards