Mentoring Youth for Leadership

Mentoring Youth for Leadership (MYL) Mission:
To help under-served youth realize their personal worth and potential, and impact their communities for good

MENTORING … Change and be changed.


A mentor is an adult who, along with parents, provides young people with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example. Mentors are good listeners, people who care, people who want to help young people bring out strengths that are already there.

chris-and-georgieAt a time when people are feeling overwhelmed by the problems and challenges young people face today, there is renewed excitement around mentoring. Entering into a committed relationship with youth is something everyone can do. Here at Neighborhood Ministries we believe in the power of long-term relationships. Mentoring relationships that last over a year have lasting effects on both the mentor and mentee. The longer the match the more likely youth will have positive adult relationships, better grades in school, and improved conflict resolution.



panda-and-reynaResearchers found that after 18 months of spending time with their Mentor, the Mentees were:

  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 52% less likely to skip school
  • 37% less likely to skip a class
  • more confident of their performance in schoolwork
  • one-third less likely to hit someone
  • getting along better with their families

Tierney, J.P., Grossman, J.B., and Resch, N.L. (1995) Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures



Illa and Chela

illa-and-chela“Chela and I have known each other most of her life. She was only three years old when I met her through pre-school at Neighborhood Ministries. I have been ‘with her’ through Head Start, kindergarten, and all the way to her fourth grade year. Although we began our relationship in a tutoring way (and do continue to help with school work), Chela is more than a ‘mentoree’ to me. She is like
a special grand-child. We have shared many fun times together. She has spent weekends at our home and weeks at our Pinetop cabin. We ride bikes, walk, talk, watch movies, eat, create art projects, play games…We usually do this with three of her cousins. I call them the ‘Fearsome Foursome’. My husband, Steve, and I consider them part of our family. They have all enriched our lives with their love for us. They bring a youthful spirit into our aging lives. We attempt to share wisdom, love, concern and joy with them. We hope to stay in their lives as long as we’re alive. I can’t quite imagine life without them. It’s been one of God’s richest blessing to share in the lives of these children.”


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