Groundbreaking for The Neighborhood Center’s Education Building and Site Work

It was 1999 when we began construction to see a community center built out of an old feed and seed mill. The ground breaking happened between two old warehouses on dirt that a shovel couldn’t penetrate hardened like concrete over a hundred years of operating a processing center for grain. In faith, we began that stage of rehab. This week we put shovels into the ground again; another act of faith, another stage in the series of transformative activities at The Neighborhood Center.

Many of you remember those days. It was astounding to you that God would imagine for us, and then through us, the transforming of this dilapidated and dangerous property and neighborhood. And if you couldn’t have afforded to help us or in some cases couldn’t even believe it was possible, you committed to pray.

Well, its time to pray again. To pray for the continued work of God, for this next adventure, for the impossible goals before us. The vision is great, and simple. After decades of working with youth, and almost a decade building a substantive pre-school, we are believing with God that an enormous and abandoned silo building is to be repurposed into one of the most interesting features on our property to date. A new education building – with an entire floor dedicated to early childhood development and associated parent education – and a second floor dedicated to youth, youth leadership development, youth outreach and college access.

Christianity Today, September 2012

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