Christmas “Signs of Hope”

One of the ways we talk about this year at Neighborhood includes words like “incessant” and “relentless” … having to do with the tough and terrible things that have been part of the lives of the people we love, and our own, too. It hasn’t let up. Instead of trying to make sense of the way it is, we have just been moving through all the bad news and for the most part, trying not to give up. It is our attempt to reach for Jesus in it or commit to watching for a redemption that could reconfigure the pain; to intentionally look for signs of hope.

Jesus came to this very same earth, which just like today, was completely filled with bad news. Like you, I’m watching the broadcast about the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut and found myself remembering the slaughter of the boy babies in Bethlehem. But, hope was born that Christmas night and as Methodist theologian Dr Lynn Harold Hough once said, “only the Word made flesh can give any sort of hope in a world as grim and ugly and hard and sordid as ours.”

So, we look for signs of hope here in the midst of our Neighborhood:

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