Coming Soon – Fall 2013

We spent the month of August giving thanks for all of the blessings we experienced over the summer and taking time for rest after the hectic schedule (see inside pages for specific thanksgivings). However, it is now time to focus on the fall and getting back into the regular schedule. At the end of the month, our weekly programs will begin and so many from our urban Phoenix community will be coming to Neighborhood Ministries to receive the best in education services, job training, parenting skills, and bible teaching. Our students have started school; 36 in our own Katy’s Kids Preschool, hundreds in elementary and high school, 47 in college and ALL call Neighborhood Ministries their home, their church, their opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty. Join us this fall by volunteering with one of our many programs and become a tangible part of the opportunities our children and families have.

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