Kids Club 2014

Our 27th annual Kids Club is coming June 16-27. Are you coming? 400 K-7th graders are coming and they are so ready for the adventure. This year’s theme, “Extreme Days: We strive, not just survive!” will have our precious children learning about their worth in God’s eyes. One thing our staff and volunteers ran into a lot this year was our children’s low self-esteem. “Does anybody really love me? Know me? Want me?” The answer to their question is an astounding “YES!!!” We want them here at Neighborhood Ministries. We love them. But more importantly, we want to show them that God loves them and sees their beauty and potential. Imagine 400 children shouting “God loves me!” every day for two weeks culminating with several being baptized at Lake Day on the 27th. This is what Kids Club 2014 is all about.

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