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Top 10 Ways We Have Learned to “See” Our Community

Our community is invisible to a lot of people.  One glaring example recently revealed this.  Our city is moving into the twenty-first century with public transportation, the light rail.  The next phase of railway, to be added in the coming decade, is planned to run through our neighborhood.  Engineers and planners mapped a route right through a part of our community that would have been…

Leadership Emerges here at Neighborhood Ministries

 The calling and appointment of Jeremy Wood as the new Executive Director
We are proud to announce the appointment of Jeremy Wood as the new Executive Director of Neighborhood Ministries (NM).  For the last three years, beginning with my sabbatical in early 2012, many deliberations have occurred to plan and sustain the future of the organization including clear vision and leadership.  Wit…

Look Up, Not Down

Which part of the Easter story do you come back to every year? I have one. Though I have had to learn how to sit with the lament of Friday and Saturday of holy week and not hurry into the hallelujah of “Resurrection Sunday”… I come back to the place where the two men who glowed like lightening suddenly show up in the empty tomb and say to the confused and frightened women who loved Jesus,…

Cooling down in Phoenix, Heating up at Neighborhood Ministries

We are looking for a few good people like you! We need you to help this coming year with our programs—bringing love and friendship and support to the hundreds of young people at NM. The amount of time and love you pour into a child will make a difference for a lifetime. If you are a small group leader, the child will remember your testimony of how Christ impacted your life. For those who volunteer as a driver, the child will remember the face of the one who brought them each week to Kids Club. Serve a meal with your coworkers or small group. Host a drive at your church. Mentor a teen mom. Read to our preschoolers. Teach bible lessons. Lead at the new Kids Garden Club. Tutor. Paint. Dance. Play!!!

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