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Save the Date: 2013 Golf Classic

The 10th Annual NM Golf Classic will take place on Monday, March 11, 2013, at the beautiful FireRock Country Club!

Kids Club was incredible!

Thanks to your prayers and support, our 25th Kids Club was one of the best ever! For most of the 600 kids who came, this is a time they look forward to all year. They all make friends, take field trips, learn new songs, hear about Jesus, and cram more fun into two weeks than any other time of the year at Neighborhood Ministries.

Incredible Leadership

Kids Club WorkCrew 2012

You have heard us say over the years that Kids Club is worth doing, in all its intricacies and devotion, simply for the ways in which leaders emerge and are developed. That has been true for the two and a half decades of this important part of Neighborhood and is even truer today when the majority of the leadership in the program comes from the community itself. Most having grown up as Kids Club kids themselves.

Summer, Sabbatical, and Success

I have been back in the saddle for a week, finishing a first ever sabbatical, after thirty years in the ministry. Coming back is a little like any movie or book about people re-entering from a time warp or machine. “Wow!” they usually say after a tumble from their previous dimension, “we were gone for such a long time, only to step back into a few minutes ago.” They usually come back changed in some way. And so it was with me.

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