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Summer, Sabbatical, and Success

I have been back in the saddle for a week, finishing a first ever sabbatical, after thirty years in the ministry. Coming back is a little like any movie or book about people re-entering from a time warp or machine. “Wow!” they usually say after a tumble from their previous dimension, “we were gone for such a long time, only to step back into a few minutes ago.” They usually come back changed in some way. And so it was with me.

Kids Club is almost here

This is our 25th year hosting Kids Club and it continues to be the highlight of the summer for most of our Neighborhood kids. Many of our parents and children alike all have years of great memories.

Leadership Development of Youth

On Wednesday evenings we hold our Jr. High and High School outreach and leadership development program with 80-100 young people coming every week. First the students enjoy a home-cooked dinner. Then they choose between a leadership class, playing basketball or soccer, or just hang out with their friends. The second hour all students choose to attend one of these activity classes: wood working and welding, art class, Bible study, or a college access class.

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