Barrio Works


Barrio Works’ mission is to create self-sustaining, community-based programs and shop spaces for the youth and adults of Neighborhood Ministries that nurture and develop hands-on, industrial arts and entrepreneurial skills in an environment that encourages creativity, provides access to the resources required to act on it, and recognizes the reciprocity between creator, investor, and patron.

The bike shop at Barrio Works is a prime example of income generation at Neighborhood Ministries. Our privately labeled Barrio cruisers feature frames made in the USA, and are painted locally and hand assembled in our shop. We also sell quality, affordable used bikes and offer repair and maintenance services as well.

How You Can Help

  • Share your metal working, wood working, and bicycle building and repair skills with youth.
  • Donate wood or metal working equipment and machinery.
  • Donate your quality used bikes for us to refurbish and sell.
  • Purchase a Barrio cruiser or used bike or have your bike repaired here at the shop.

Barrio Works – The Best Bike You Can Buy! from Deep Focus Cinema on Vimeo.