In Service there is True Life

Summer Interns 2012

We crossed the finish line to end our 25th summer experiencing the mighty privilege of outreach to kids and youth alongside life changing leadership development. Like the summer’s before, we concluded with an affirmation event, where this strong team clearly and creatively described what they saw in each other, their tenacity, their love, their leadership, their hope. It is a profound experience to hear these next generation leaders elevate the character qualities found in this determined bunch of young people who want to make a difference for the gospel that is good news to the poor.

Incredible Leadership

Kids Club WorkCrew 2012

You have heard us say over the years that Kids Club is worth doing, in all its intricacies and devotion, simply for the ways in which leaders emerge and are developed. That has been true for the two and a half decades of this important part of Neighborhood and is even truer today when the majority of the leadership in the program comes from the community itself. Most having grown up as Kids Club kids themselves.

Leadership Development of Youth

On Wednesday evenings we hold our Jr. High and High School outreach and leadership development program with 80-100 young people coming every week. First the students enjoy a home-cooked dinner. Then they choose between a leadership class, playing basketball or soccer, or just hang out with their friends. The second hour all students choose to attend one of these activity classes: wood working and welding, art class, Bible study, or a college access class.

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